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  • Jan 9, 2013

    grandmary55  from Middletown, MD, Rating:3.0

    I was happy to find this product as I needed new dishmops. I like the idea of cotton strings as I will eventually want to use Chlorox on it to keep it looking clean. Those black marks and streaks do not look good to me, and I have not yet even tried Chlorox. I think you need to use a different metal in this nail or find a different way to attach the mop to the handle. I was happy with the quick delivery time, but think your shipping costs should have been lowered since you put all three products in one mailing envelope. Thanks, grandmary55

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  • 64 gallon trash bags

    May 20, 2010

    danman56  from Overland Park, Kansas, Rating:2.0

    These bags are the ONLY 64 gallon that are available today, which are compostable. With many city and local trash companies supplying 64 gallon trash containers to their customers, it is hard to find a 64 gallon liner. These liners do fit the bill, however, they are quite flimsy and tend to tear with any kind of pressure put on them. They are ONLY good for lining a large trash can and would not be good to any kind of lawn or leaf materials. They come apart with the slightest pressure put on them. But the fact that they are compostable make them worthy of just lining the trash can. It is hard to believe that so many of the big box stores sell 64 gallon trash cans today, and NOT ONE OF THEM has a 64 gallone liner available for sale at the store. Wake up buyers for Wal-Mart, Home Depot , Lowe's, Ace and True Value. Find the consumer a worthy 64 gallon trash can liner that is also environmentally friendly. These stores all have 55 gallon liners, which are worthless in a 64 gallon contai...

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  • Feb 5, 2014

    quichznxy  from RI, Rating:4.0

    We hadn't expected to use this broom yet as it was purchased for sweeping outdoor patio, paths, etc. But a light dusting of snow prompted its launching. Great job! Clean sweeper! But the handle is a bit thicker than is comfortable for smaller hands....great for the men.

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  • Great Size for Kitchen or Business Restroom

    Aug 19, 2013

    jumpannejump  from Portland, OR, Rating:5.0

    I have ordered many items from Overstock and have almost always been satisfied. I do read the customer reviews before making a decision because they often have valuable insight regarding use and durability. These trash cans came as a 2-pack, which offer a slightly better price than the single item. We are using ours as trash receptacles in the main restrooms of our business. With cleaning service only twice weekly, we wanted something that could hold the trash for several days and have a top so that we didn't have to look at the trash! The self opening and closing takes a little patience if you are using the "hand free" waving method - but it works like a charm. If you are in a rush, you can always push the "open" and "close" buttons on the top surface. That does defeat the germ free aspect of "hands-free" opening, but some people are in a hurry. This trash receptacle does require 4 D batteries. As for the deodorizer, I guess it works. Can't smell anything, but not sure if that...

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  • Great Cost Effective Product

    May 20, 2010

    pizzakingindiana  from Indiana, Rating:5.0

    We used to use the expensive commercial metal mop buckets in all of our stores, but we are now in the process of trying to switch over to these. We can go through 3 or 4 of these before we reach the cost of the metal mop buckets. Employees seem to really like them to (as much as you can like a mop bucket)

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